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Partials & Dentures – Bristol, CT

Enjoy a Complete, Functional Smile

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No one ever expects to lose a tooth, but that’s a reality for over 120 million Americans. Although losing a single tooth is devastating, losing several or all your teeth can significantly impact your general and dental health. Not to mention, it’s easy to feel embarrassed by your smile. You don’t need to struggle with the complications associated with tooth loss. We can rebuild your smile with dentures in Bristol. Our office uses the latest advancements in dentistry to closely replicate the teeth you’ve lost to enjoy a solution that looks natural.

Options to Treat Significant Tooth Loss

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Now, you have more options than ever to replace your missing teeth. After performing an initial consultation and discussing your goals, you may be a candidate for:

Partial Denture

A partial denture is often recommended for patients who have suffered significant tooth loss but still have a couple of healthy teeth remaining. We recreate the teeth you’ve lost using an impression of your mouth. The prosthetic teeth are designed to match the appearance of your natural ones to blend in seamlessly when you smile. They are affixed to a gum-colored base that has a metal framework. This allows it to clip or clasp onto your remaining teeth to hold it in place.

Full Denture

If you’ve lost all your teeth or we can’t save your remaining teeth from needing to be extracted, you might be a candidate for a full denture. We use an impression of your mouth to carefully craft a durable, yet flexible base for your denture. Your prosthetic teeth are held in the base which is attached to your gum tissue using suction or an adhesive.

If you prefer a more permanent solution, ask us how we can stabilize your denture using dental implants.

Benefits of Dentures

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When you’re missing multiple or all of your teeth, it can be challenging to complete things you once found easy, like thoroughly chewing your food, enunciating your words clearly, and smiling with confidence. Dentures are a life-changing tooth replacement option because they can improve your quality of life. If you have suffered from tooth loss, here are some of the amazing benefits you can experience by opting for dentures.

Psychological Benefits

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People who don’t have any teeth often have difficulty accepting their tooth loss. They are less likely to engage in social activities and have a higher risk of experiencing sadness and depression. By restoring the appearance and function of one’s smile with dentures, they are likely to experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem. This is because dentures reduce anxieties about appearance, speech articulation, chewing ability, and more!

Clearer Enunciation

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It is much more difficult to speak when you have gaps in your smile. In order to pronounce and perform words, your lips and tongue need to be positioned properly. If you’re unable to touch your tongue to your teeth, some words become very difficult to say. Because dentures act as your missing teeth, they allow you to enunciate more clearly while speaking. After just a short adjustment period and a little bit of practice, speaking will come naturally.

Improves Nutrition

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Many foods that are good for you are tough in texture. This includes vegetables, fruits, and healthy proteins. When you can’t chew your food properly due to missing teeth, you can experience a variety of health issues, including indigestion and malnutrition. With an improved ability to chew, dentures allow for a more expansive diet full of nutritious foods. Ultimately, by getting dentures, your body will be better able to receive essential nutrients needed for optimal health!

Preserves Oral Health

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If you still have some natural teeth remaining, getting dentures can help prevent them from shifting to other areas of your mouth. Dentures can also bear some of the weight of regular chewing, therefore reducing the wear and tear of your existing teeth!

Expands Opportunity

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First impressions are crucial when it comes to job interviews, getting promotions, and meeting new people. Having a beautiful, complete smile is nothing but an advantage. In fact, according to a 2019 study, the probability of being employed was negatively associated with poor oral health.

Maintaining Your New Smile

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Your denture can last for an average for 5 to 7 years before needing to be replaced if you care for it properly. You can protect your investment using a few simple tips:

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste to clean your denture daily.
  • Soak your denture nightly.
  • Don’t expose your denture to heat or let it dry out.
  • Place a towel on the counter and floor for a layer of protection when handling your denture.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and maintenance.

Complete Your Smile Today!

Your dentist in Bristol can replace your missing teeth and improve your quality of life using an effective solution. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for dentures.

Denture Aftercare

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It’s easy to feel excited when you get your dentures. After all, you may think you no longer need to look after your smile. In reality, though, your prosthetic teeth require as much upkeep as natural ones. You should thus care for them properly, or they’ll stop working and risk your oral health. Fortunately, we at Bristol Family Dental are here for you: listed below are some helpful tips on caring for dentures. Please read them over so that your new smile lasts nice and long! Otherwise, call our office for further details.

Removeable Dentures

A close-up of removable dentures against a gray background

Remove After Eating

Once you’ve finished a meal, take time to remove and rinse off your dentures. Doing so prevents them from building up food deposits, plaque, and other debris. On the other hand, skipping the rinse would increase your risk of gum disease and other infections.

That said, make sure the rinse doesn’t use hot water. High temperatures, you see, can warp denture material. As such, heated liquids could cause your prosthetic teeth not to fit well.

Clean Your Restoration

Dentists suggest that you clean your dentures once daily. Unlike natural teeth, though, they should be outside your mouth when you do.

For this cleaning process, rely on a soft-bristled toothbrush and some hand soap. Regular toothpaste isn’t appropriate, as its abrasiveness can damage dentures. If available, you could substitute a denture cleanser for the soap.

Time permitting, end the cleaning by placing the dentures in a glass of water or cleansing solution. That way, they won’t don’t dry out and lose shape. Afterward, rinse them thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth.

Keep Your Dentures Safe

You’d be surprised at how easily dentures can get damaged. Given their fragility, then, you’ll want to keep them safe when they’re out of your mouth.

Fortunately, multiple ways to protect dentures exist. One is to place a towel underneath them during the cleaning, as the item would cushion a fall. Another, meanwhile, is to store the prosthetics away from kids and pets.

Remove When You Sleep

When you go to bed at night, it’s best if you take your dentures out. Wearing them to sleep does harm to your oral health.

For example, keeping dentures in restricts gum circulation. Over time, that restriction can result in soft-tissue irritation. Therefore, sleep without dentures so your mouth can recover overnight.

Of course, you shouldn’t set your dentures just anywhere. Please keep them in a soaking solution while you sleep. They could dry out and lose their shape if you don’t.

Notice Changes

Once you start wearing dentures consistently, watch for changes in them or your mouth. You may want your dentists to address any should they occur.

If your dentures are damaged or ill-fitted, call your dentist quickly. They could reline or replace the prosthetics as needed. That being the case, don’t try to repair the restorations alone. It’s likely that you’d further degrade them.

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

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Are you struggling with moderate to severe tooth loss? If so, dentures may be one of the best solutions for replacing your missing pearly whites. While you’ll be sure to appreciate a wide range of advantages with these prosthetics, knowing what to expect from the overall price of the treatment is also important. When you first visit us, we’ll assess your situation and provide you with a more accurate estimate of how much you’ll pay for the process. Here’s what you should consider about the cost of dentures in Bristol.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dentures

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Several factors can influence the overall price of dentures, including:

  • Preliminary treatments that are necessary (like tooth extractions or periodontal therapy)
  • The number of teeth you’re missing
  • The kind of acrylic used to construct the base (the gum-colored portion)
  • Materials your prosthetics will be made out of (such as porcelain or acrylic)

Some people are tempted to go for cheaper dentures in hopes of reducing their out-of-pocket fees. Unfortunately, these kinds of prosthetics won’t offer the high-quality and reliable results you can get from your dentist. Since they’re typically fabricated from cheaper materials, they can break more easily and risk making you pay more than necessary for treatment. To minimize your expenses, you’ll want to get good-quality dentures from the start.

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

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Implant dentures do come with a higher upfront value compared to traditional ones, and it’s easy to see why. These prosthetics involve oral surgery where your dentist will place several dental implants into your jawbone. Though the process is more invasive and takes many more months to complete, your results will provide you with the stable and lifelike bite you deserve. With a more natural-feeling and longer-lasting solution, implant dentures are certainly a worthwhile investment in the long run!

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

 a dental insurance form for the cost of dentures

Since dentures are considered an essential treatment for oral healthcare, most dental insurance providers will offer some help with the cost. That said, you’ll still need to verify the specifics of your policy with your company, as they will vary from patient to patient. To help you make the most of your benefits, you can also speak with our knowledgeable team so that you can have a smoother process.

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

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Even if you don’t have dental insurance right now, you can still explore alternative financing options to help you work within your budget. Our practice offers the Bristol Family Membership Plan that can help you save money similar to insurance but without the restrictions! By signing up, you’ll be able to enjoy 12% discounted rates on all services, including dentures.